Annual Letter to our Shareholders

January 2, 2014

Dear Customers,

Michael Rhodes, President & CEO

“Texas Independent Bankers” pretty much sums it up. Taken individually or collectively these three words are a great source of pride for the founders and all of us at Lamar National Bank. We were chartered by a group of “mavericks” who had a deep seated belief in the type of “can do” spirit and self-made individualism that is so often associated with people from the Lone Star State.

Just like everything else that has been built in Texas, Lamar Bank started out as nothing more than a vision of a better way to do business and serve the financial needs of the working people of Paris and Lamar County.

Just as a pioneer cutting a new trail or a cowboy driving a herd to auction the ride isn’t always smooth or straight, but when the journey is done the challenges are what make it more satisfying.

Speaking of “Mavericks” we regretfully lost one of our founding directors this year, Mr. Leo Parsons. Leo was one of the four “band of brothers” along with David Buster, Dub Bassett and Artis Edzards that were on the ground floor of chartering our bank. These four men shared strong histories together from growing up in Lamar County, to sailing shoulder to shoulder on a troop ship destined for Japan during World War II.

Leo Parsons, Founding Shareholder

Leo, like other folks that made their living off the land, realized that even the most capable farmer, rancher or businessman often need a trusted partner, someone who always has his back in tough times as well as prosperous times. Adopting Leo’s philosophy of plowing “straight and deep” has resulted in our bank walking in “high cotton” come harvest time. We were fortunate indeed to have benefited from Leo’s involvement with Lamar National Bank over the years.

As we close out another prosperous year, we are pleased that our founders “little Texas bank” is on the cutting edge of technological advancements that would have been inconceivable to them during our formative years. We are indeed “cutting edge” and will always strive to deliver the very best in financial products to our current and prospective customers. Be assured you have our continued promise that Lamar Bank will remain by your side helping you and future generations plow new ground and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2014.

Michael R. Rhodes

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