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Customer Services and Fees

Safe Deposit Box Services

Box Size Annual Fee Box Size Annual Fee
3 x 5 $20.00 10 x 10 $75.00
3 x 10 $35.00 Lost Key $30.00
5 x 10 $45.00 Drill Box $125.00
SDB will be charged a $5.00 late fee after 30 days.

Merchant Credit Card Services

Accept all major credit cards for your business. Contact us today
Point of Sale and Mobile Options Available

Customer Account Service Fees

Return Item Fees $28.00
Overdraft Item Fees $28.00
Auto Overdraft Transfer Fee $6.00
Stop Payment Charges (Online / In-house) $10.00 / $30.00
Balance Inquiry $2.00
Account Reconcilement (per hour) $20.00
Research (per hour) $25.00
Photocopies $1.00
Deposited Items Returned Unpaid $4.00
Special Cut-off Statement $2.00
Collection Items (Customers) $12.00
Cashier's Checks (Customers) $4.00
Replace Lost Cashier's Check $5.00
Checking/Savings Account Closing Within 1 Year of Opening Fee $25.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming-Customer) $12.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing-Customer) $20.00
Notary Services (Customer) No Charge
International Wires (Customer) Cost + $20.00
Lock Bags $25.00
Zipper Bags $5.00
Money Orders $2.99
MasterCard Debit Card Replacement Reg - $6.00 MCC - $10.00
Cash Advance Fee $5.00
Levies Fee $35.00
Transfer/Note Payment Fee by phone $5.00
External Auto Transfer Fee $5.00
Temporary Check Fee $4.00
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee $1.00
Gift Card Fee (new) $5.00
Gift Card Fee (reload) $2.00
Pop Money (3 day) $0.75
Pop Money (next day) $1.50
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee5.00

Other Services

Certificates of Deposit Merchant Program E-Statements
Drive-In Banking All Types of Loans E-Alerts
Direct Deposits Internet Banking/Bill Pay E-Notices
Bank by Mail Individual Retirement Accounts Gift Cards
Telebank Mobile Banking My Card Creation
Check Collections Pop Money Instant Issue
Payroll CardsMerchant CaptureMobile Capture

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