Lamar National Sponsors Drag Boat

drag boat

The first annual Paris Powerboat Grand Prix took place at Lake Crook August 22nd and 23rd, bring almost 100 teams to Paris to race for the Southern Drag Boat Association’s $30,000 purse.  Employees of Lamar National are seen here with Bill Miller’s “Party to the Max” drag boat who’s speed tops 150 miles per hour.  Lamar National was proud to be a part of this year’s Paris Powerboat Grand Prix as it brought hundreds of visitors to our local hotels and restuarants, a meaningful impact on our local economy.

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Popmoney is here!

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Popmoney, unlike PayPal, goes straight from one bank account to another, without having to go to a middle account.  Stop in or call for more information about our new and exciting Popmoney feature. Or click below to watch a demonstration.

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